Spring Faux Greenery Guide

Hi all! I know you might read the title of this post and think to yourself it’s January and too early to decorate for spring, and while I certainly agree, I do like to add a pop of greenery to my winter decor to keep things fresh. Iowa has a habit of being brown, with the exception of snow, for months on end and I personally prefer a hint of green to keep me plugging away until spring!

First, let’s discuss where I like to shop for faux greenery.

I get a lot of questions about where I find my stems and it varies by season. For example, I like to shop at Hobby Lobby for fall and winter stems due to their extensive selection and great prices on seasonal items. For spring or year round items I prefer Target or Amazon, due to their rock bottom clearance prices. Target usually has more of the style of faux greenery I prefer, and there is the satisfaction of seeing it before you purchase, however Amazon reviews can often times answer any questions you might have prior to buying and it helps they have a hassle free return policy on most items.

Next, lets take a look at the types of faux greenery available.

Below you can see a couple different examples of greenery currently in my home. The left photo shows more of a softer look with muted tones and a ‘fuzzy’ texture. I prefer this type of greenery for any stand alone plant that I decorate with, as it matches the softer tones throughout the rest of my home.

The photo on the right shows a mixture of large matte eucalyptus leaves with a smaller, more ‘shiny’ plant. When creating a display with multiple plants, I prefer to use different textures so the individuals stand out.

Softer, ‘fuzzier’ look

Softer, ‘fuzzier’ look

Matte vs Shiny

Matte vs Shiny

Here is another example of how the matte, softer looking plants work well with the decor already in my home.

This greenery is from Target. Book sets available  here

This greenery is from Target. Book sets available here

Here are examples of mixed textures with multiple plants in flower boxes that I have in my dining room. I did add a hint of color to these displays, and I plan to continue to add to them later on in the season. I like how each type of plant stands out from the bunch.

IMG_0630 (1).jpg

If you are looking for a few greens to get started with, I rounded up a couple options below from Amazon. You just can’t beat the bulk pricing and quantities!

Note: These are affiliate links, and you can read my full disclosure here.

Well, that’s all for today! I hope this post was able to provide some inspiration for your own decorating!