Thrift Store Cabinet $5 Makeover

Hello! Here in Iowa we are finding ourselves stuck in an endless cycle of snow storms and closings, which isn’t all bad since it allows for time to finish up projects around the house. Today I want to share with you a simple and inexpensive $5 makeover of an old medicine cabinet that I found at a thrift store a few months back.

Now, if you are thinking like my husband Adam, you might wonder what on earth I was doing buying an old medicine cabinet, but I saw some hidden potential in it becoming a cabinet/shelving piece for my enormous (and mostly bare) entryway. Here are a couple pictures of the cabinet in it’s original condition.


The first task at hand was to take the doors off and get rid of the mirrors, all while saving the hardware for reassembly. After everything was taken apart and cleaned, I began painting with some Valspar chalk paint that I had on hand.


After the whole cabinet received a couple coats of paint it was time to reassemble the doors, and I used chicken wire in place of the original mirrors. I chose this material for a couple of reasons; I wanted the decor inside to be visible and I generally hate cleaning mirrors. I found a roll of chicken wire at my local farm store for $5, and that purchase ended up being the only expense for this entire project!


All that was left was reassembly, with the original hardware, and I hired my husband to hang it on the wall in our entryway. I think it turned out really cute, and in the pictures below you can see how our enormous entryway is slowly starting to come together!

(our permanent front door has yet to be installed)

(our permanent front door has yet to be installed)

This entryway has been a challenge for me to decorate (I mean, we have only lived here three years and it’s still mostly empty). However, this medicine cabinet turned decor shelf has given me the jump start I needed to finish this space once and for all. Do you have a room/area in your home that is a challenge to decorate? If so, I would love to hear how you tackled it.

For now, its back to shoveling snow for me, but I hope this project brought you some inspiration for an inexpensive furniture makeover in your future!